Thursday, November 15, 2012

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

It's been awfully quiet on the blog lately but we have a good reason....we've been so busy counting tapes and films that we're hitting our target early! Our initial goal was to reach 9,000 newly inventoried items by the end of January 2013. But it looks like we're going to reach that next week. Just in time for a much needed Thanksgiving break. 

As satisfying as that is, we're still not done. We found that even though our initial estimate of 9,000 sounded like a lot, it was actually low. When estimating the number of individual things (tapes, films, drives) stored across 4 rooms, in hundreds of boxes -  some with 5 things in them some with 100 – you run the risk of being a little off. 

Plus, we have found a number of previously unaccounted for boxes tucked away in closets, offices, The get the idea.

So, for the numbers geeks out there - what does that mean? By the end of the inventory we expect to have recorded information for about 15,000 items. Currently, our database now holds over 12,000 records. 9,000 newly created records and over 3,000 imported from existing documents. More than 2,000 film elements (negs, workprints, prints, mag track, etc), 5,500 videotapes, and 1,000 audio tapes have been inventoried.
We're aiming for completion in April.  Stay tuned...more progress and much more interesting posts to follow!

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