Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hoop Dreams Pick Up Lines

Hey all, archive lady Jenna here.
I wanted to talk a little about the weird and sometimes surreal labels I find on project elements while sorting through boxes.

For the most part, a video tape will have written on it some pretty useful movie-jargon that helps us determine how to catalog it. But for practicality's sake and because a production team has to deal with SO much media, not every label is written with loving care- or legibly. Pieces of tape with handwritten abbreviations and processing-house labels with typewritten misspellings are translatable though,  I mean, I suppose it's my job understand them. But I won't pretend I don't let my mind wander on these prompts. Incongruous markings on any one tape begin forming narratives and ideas for bigger projects. Stay with me.

A Betacam tape labeled in ballpoint pen, "HD injury interview" could be a High Definition interview of someone's sentient head wound, but its not. I know it to be a camera master tape of Hoop Dreams' William, who injured his knee and gave interviews on the subject. But the other day, when I came across an audio cassette labeled "Hoop Dreams Pick Up Lines", I couldn't keep it to myself.

So, technically "pick up lines" are bits of narration and interviews that will be added to (or replace) parts of a movie's previously recorded audio. I told the Kartemquin staff, 'Let's ignore what we know this is and let the basketball-themed innuendos fly.' They came up with some amazing ones, and so did some people on the ole Facebook. So here is a collection of what I got back, a bunch of pick-up lines that may work on a honey who has recently seen Kartemquin's 1994 documentary Hoop Dreams, or just really, really likes some b-ball.

- Get ready for a free-throw baby, 'cause I'm great for holding.
- Did you get recruited to St. Joseph's? 'Cause baby you got gaaame.
- I bring my towel on the court with me 'cause when I see you I can't stop dribbling.
- Baby you tryin' to recruit me? 'Cause I'm not tall, I'm just sitting on my wallet.
- Four years ago all I used to dream about was playing in the NBA. Now, I dream about you, darling. -Tim Horsburgh
- I have more bonus features than the Criterion Hoop Dreams DVD. Want to be in a deleted scene? -Zak Piper
- Girl, I wish Steve James was here so he could narrate what goes through my head when I'm with you. -Zak Piper
- I know we just met and all, but let's not re-create Hoop Dreams... do we really have to sit here for three hours before we get to the good part? -Zak Piper
- I was Hoop Dreamin' of you and guess what? I got a slaaaam dunk! -Dan Stewart
- I was a player, but I took a seat on the bench for you. -Kia Monét
- I know I got you on the rebound, but once I drove downcourt, it was a swish; nothin' but net. -David Depew
- Come on back to my place and we can get cozy... and we wont have to worry about turning the lights off. -John Facile

Post by Jenna Caravello

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